The treatment center where my son got clean and then worked at for a year is a remarkable place. When you cross through the gates you get the feeling that this is hallowed ground, that there is possibility of recovery. Only after several visits did I feel that just above the treeline at this beautiful place there was a swirling, churning commotion. My son explained it to me when he became the intake coordinator at the facility. He said every day he sees the demons come in on the backs of these men and their families, fighting with all their strength to hang onto their souls. I mean, he said he actually saw the demons. It was a tough job, being on the front lines with these demons. Many men turned and walked away from the opportunity to get clean. Some came in with the demons still on them. Some broke down and could pray with the staff for release. So where did these demons go when they were set loose from the men? They were constantly nearby, waiting on some weakness in the men there, waiting on a staff member to lose footing, stirring up contention and confusion as much as they could.

Sounds remarkable, I know. But it is true. My son said the warring angels stand constantly at the ready, to protect and fight for those who sincerely seek God’s grace and mercy. Many men fail to make it through the year-long program. But those that make it have a 70%+ chance of staying clean out in the world when they leave Potter’s House. The facility has been in existence for more than 50 years, and they have an amazing record, considering that you never know they exist unless a family member goes there.

I think of Potter’s House a lot, and they are always in my prayers. They are not some namby-pamby God is all sunlight and rainbows kind of place. The staff there gets down in the mud and fight for the men’s lives, battling demons of childhood sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, long-term incarceration, and so much more, in addition to drug and alcohol abuse. They are realistic about the power of the world and they walk the power of the Word.